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Fairy (Fae) Clans

Hello Pixie Pals, my name is Adraya and I am a tree fairy of the Dryad clan. All of my brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and my friends (plus my parents) are also Dryads. We live in the forests among the great groves of trees, which we watch over and protect. We call these sanctuaries nemetons, and this is where we build our palace, our temples, our playgrounds, and our homes.

SInce your fairy element determines whether you are an Earth, Wind, Fire, or Water fairy, the clan assigned to your group will be one from the trooping fairies; that is, the fairies of mixed clans. These fairies roam the skies, the earth, the oceans, and the deserts. Their power comes from diversity, which is a greater advantage because they are not limited to one area (such as the forests or the ocean) or one skill. You CAN play this game without membership in a Fairy Clan, but it's a little harder and not nearly as much fun.

How to Join a Clan

1)    Talk to your friends and find five other girls (plus yourself) to play this game.

2)    Ask your mother (or one of the other girls' mothers) to be the Fairy Queen. You can also ask a sister, aunt, or other adult that is 18 years of age or older. Be sure that the Fairy Queen reads the rules below and understands the responsibilities of being a Clan Fairy Queen.

3)    Each girl in the clan must earn 12 peaks (or points) to get their fairy names (that's one or maybe two charms plus one or two pixie pockets). See the Charms page, the Pixie Pockets page, and/or the Fairy Name page for more information.

4)    Ask your Fairy Queen to have a pixie party where you and your five (or more) friends can get together and make your pixie pockets and fairy dust. See the Pixie Pockets page and the Fairy Dust page for instructions about how to make these items.

5)    Next (at the party), make a list of each girl's full name (first, middle, and last).

     * Be sure to include second middle names if anyone has two middle names (for example: Laura Lynn Ashley Hill).

     * Beside their name, write down their birthdate (month, day, year), time of birth including am or pm, and the charms plus the peak values they are submitting for their fairy names. For example:

        Susan Jane Ellis - October 12, 2001, 11:03 am - white feather = 6; blue feather = 6; total = 12

     * We use a formula to turn your birth name into your FIRST fairy name. We use your birth date to assign your fairy MIDDLE name. And then your clan name becomes your fairy LAST name. For example:

     a.   If your name is Laura Lynn Ashley Hill, your Fairy FIRST name would be Willow.

     b.    If your birthdate is May 21, 2001, 9:33 pm, your fairy element is Earth, so your fairy MIDDLE name would be Damara. Not everyone with this birth date has a middle name of Damara.

     c.   Your Fairy LAST name is based on the Clan Name we assign to your group. So, if we assign your group the Clan Name of Torridon (which means the hills of Wester Ross in Scotland), your FULL FAIRY NAME would be: Willow Damara Torridon, and all of the members in your clan would have the same fairy LAST name of Torridon.

6)    Next, take a photograph (with your digital camera or your phone) of the group AND one of each individual girl standing (or sitting) behind a table (or on the floor) with your pixie pockets and your charms. Place each charm on top of each pixie pocket with each girl standing (or sitting) behind her charms and pockets, then shoot the photos.

7)    Ask the Fairy Queen to email the list of girl's names, birthdates, and photos that show everyone with their charms and pixie pockets to our Fairy Druid Queen: DruidQueen@FairyMagic.net.

8)    Our Druid Queen will email back with your clan names and all of your members' fairy names in three to five days. Once your clan is established, you're ready to play the game of Fairy Magic.

9)    After you get your fairy names, ask your Fairy Queen to order Fairy Magic Workbooks for everyone and have another pixie party so she can show you how to track your charms and pockets in your workbook. See the Fairy Queens page for help.

Fairy Clan Rules

1)    You earn your fairy name by collecting charms and then trading those peak values for a name, but your Clan Fairy Name is issued based on the clan you join; so if you aren't a clan member, you won't have a Clan Fairy Name.

2)    Clans must have a minimum of six members. Clans can be as large as you like, but no smaller than six people.

3)    Each clan must have a Fairy Queen (she's like a den mother); that is, an adult 18 years of age or older. The Fairy Queen is usually one of the clan member's mothers, big sisters, or other relatives. The Fairy Queen hosts the pixie parties where the clan member fairies gather to share adventures such as field trips to an arboretum to collect leaves, an aviary to collect feathers, or to the beach to collect seashells. Pixie parties are also held in one of the clan fairy's homes or at the Fairy Queen's palace where the fairy members learn how to make pixie pockets, pouches, fairy dust, and other fun fairy treasures.

The Fairy Queen also distributes the higher-level prizes to the clan fairies when they have collected enough charms (and pixie pockets) to earn these rewards. They also plan and host the clan ceremonies, which occur when clan members graduate to the higher levels (like graduation from high school or college).

4)    You must be in a clan to earn pixie pearls. See the Pixie Pearls page for more information about this higher level.

5)    Clans are eligible for global contests that occur periodically throughout the year. Contests are usually based on the number of peaks your clan earns in a specific amount of time and winners can earn prizes that reap financial benefits (in other words, prizes that equal money).


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