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Fairy Dust

The strongest magic comes from stardust, which is the secret  powder that fairies use to make fairy dust. Fairy dust is also made from lots of other magical things such as a teaspoon of sunlight, a thimble of moonbeams, a bottle cap of snowflakes, a drop of rain, a saucer of flower petals, leaves from the trees, pebbles from stones, and all of nature's bounty from the earth to the sky.

Since glitter is the cousin to stardust, that will be the secret powder in your fairy dust. And then we'll add some other pieces of nature like rose petals or daisy, tulip, daffodil, or sunflower petals (or the petals from any other flower you like). Then we'll add some more of nature's bounty and mix it all together with our stardust and POOF---fairy dust!

The petals (and other pieces of nature's bounty) must be dried first, and crushed (or finely crumbled) and mixed with the glitter. We have lots of great recipes. Just click the images below to find the one you like the best, and then mix up a batch to sprinkle inside your Pixie Pockets before you place your charm inside the pocket. You only need a tiny bit, just a pinch, for each charm. Remember, the Fairy Dust gives the charm magic, but the Pixie Pocket keeps the charm charged (like batteries) with magic.











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