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Fairy Queens

Fairy Queens are like den mothers; they're the leaders of each clan. Clans have a minimum of six members; they can be larger, but no smaller than six people. Queens must be an adult 18 years or older and related to one of the girls in the clan such as a parent, older sister, aunt, grandmother, etc.

Fairy Queens host the pixie parties where the clan member fairies gather to share adventures such as field trips to an arboretum to collect leaves, an aviary to collect feathers, or to the beach to collect seashells. Pixie parties are also held in one of the clan fairy's homes or at the Fairy Queen's palace where the fairy members learn how to make pixie pockets, pouches, fairy dust, and other fun fairy treasures.

Fairy Queens also distribute the higher-level prizes to the clan fairies when they have collected enough charms (and pixie pockets) to earn these rewards. They also plan and host the clan ceremonies, which occur when clan members graduate to the higher levels (like graduation from high school or college) and  handle any/all correspondence that requires a physical location (address, phone number, etc.) for prizes that must be mailed.

For example: Beth and her younger sister Suzy want to join a fairy clan, but there aren't any available close to their home. So they ask their mother Cassandra if she'll be their Fairy Queen so they can start their own clan. She says yes, so the girls ask three friends each to join their clan. Their six friends plus Beth and Suzy equal eight, so they now have enough girls to start their own clan.

The first thing Beth and Suzy must do is have a pixie party so they can apply for their clan name and their fairy names. Since they need 12 points each to earn their fairy names, each girl must either bring two or three charms with them to this first party or plan a field trip to collect these first two charms (see Charms page for lists). And, since the charms are powerless without the pixie pockets and the fairy dust, this step comes next. See chart below for suggestions.

Step 1: Gather together at least six girls plus a den mother / Fairy Queen to form a clan.

Step 2: Pixie Party One - The Fairy Queen organizes the parties and locations. Meet at the Fairy Queen's palace so she can explain the rules (from this website), then take a field trip to the beach, the zoo, an aviary, or even a park to collect two or three charms each (enough to equal 12 points per person).

Step 3: Pixie Party Two - All members meet again to make their pixie pockets and fairy dust. Be sure to bring your collected charms. * The Fairy Queen prints out a few patterns (from this site) for the pixie pockets.

* Each member must bring one yard of fabric, a needle, and some matching thread (embroidery thread works best).

* Trace the patterns onto your fabric, then cut out the pockets (you need one pocket for each charm). You can embellish them later with beads, jewels, lace, buttons, and other trinkets, if you want to.

* The Fairy Queen will show you how to sew the two pieces together.

* The Fairy Queen supplies the fairy dust for this first party (see recipes on Fairy Dust page).

* Once everyone is finished, place your charms with a pinch of fairy dust into each pixie pocket, then hold onto them until the next party (or continue on to step 4).

Step 4: Pixie Party Three (or continued from above)

* Make a list of each girl's full name (first, middle, and last).

* Be sure to include second middle names if anyone has two middle names (for example: Laura Lynn Ashley Hill).

* Beside each name, write down each girl's birthdate (month, day, year), time of birth including am or pm, and the charms plus the peak values they are submitting for their fairy names. For example:

     Susan Jane Ellis - October 12, 2001, 11:03 am - white feather = 6; blue feather = 6; total = 12

* We use a formula to convert your birth name into your FIRST fairy name. We use your birthdate to assign your fairy MIDDLE name. And then your clan name becomes your fairy LAST name. For example:

  a.   If your name is Laura Lynn Ashley Hill, your Fairy FIRST name would be Willow.

  b.   If your birthdate is May 21, 2001, 9:33 pm, your fairy element is Earth, so your fairy MIDDLE name would be Damara. Not everyone with this birthdate has a middle name of Damara.

  c.   Your Fairy LAST name is based on the clan name we assign to your group. So, if we assign your group the clan name of Torridon (which means the hills of Wester Ross in Scotland), your FULL FAIRY NAME would be: Willow Damara Torridon, and all of the members in your clan would have the same fairy LAST name of Torridon.

* Next, take a photograph (with your digital camera or your phone) of the group AND one of each individual girl standing (or sitting) behind a table (or on the floor) with your pixie pockets and your charms. Place each charm on top of each pixie pocket with each girl standing (or sitting) behind her charms and pockets, then shoot the photos.

* Next, the Fairy Queen emails the list of girl's names, birthdates, and photos that show everyone with their charms and pixie pockets to our Fairy Druid Queen: DruidQueen@FairyMagic.net.

Step Five: Pixie Party Four

* Our Druid Queen will email back with your clan names and all of your members' fairy names in three to five days.

* Once the Fairy Queen receives this information, she can then plan another party.

* After you get your fairy names, ask your Fairy Queen to order the Fairy Magic Workbooks for everyone in the clan so you can track your charms and pockets in your workbook. This is the only product clan members are required to purchase. Order books from Amazon.com or from this site.

* Once your clan is established, and you have your record books, you're ready to play the game of Fairy Magic.

Step Six: Have fun. Take lots of field trips, collect lots of charms, and learn lots of stuff about the charms you collect. Keep some of your collection for fairy magic, then submit the rest of your collection for prizes and awards.















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