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How to Play the Game

Hello Pixie Pals. My name is Sparkle and I heard that you want to become a fairy, like me. It's pretty easy, really. All you need is a good collection of Lucky Charms, some Pixie Pockets to hold them, and a bit of Fairy Dust to fill them with magic.

First, you must go out into your world and search for the lucky charms. There's a long list of them on the Charms page. Then, you place each charm into a separate pixie pocket, which  you can make yourself following the instructions and patterns on the Pixie Pockets page OR you can purchase the "official" pixie pockets from http://www.PixiePockets.net.

Next, you add a pinch of fairy dust, which you can also make by yourself using the recipes on the Fairy Dust page OR purchase it, too, from http://www.PixiePockets.net. The fairy dust fills your charms with magic and the pixie pockets keep the charms recharged (like batteries) to preserve the magic, so it's strong and powerful when you need it.

The charms you collect earn points (called peaks), which are needed to advance to the higher levels, which offer prizes and rewards. But you can also use the charms to make your own magic (like we do in Fairyland) for things like courage, confidence, a bit of sunshine on a rainy day, or a touch of joy when your heart is sad. Your charms and the magic they hold never expire, but you can only redeem them for advancement and prizes one time.

Next, you'll need the Fairy Magic Workbook to keep track of your lucky charms collection and your fairy status, which includes your personal fairy name, your secret fairy name, your personal talisman, your fairy clan, your birthright, your fairy fortunes, pixie pearls, and hundreds of other fairy treasures. To redeem your charms for rewards, you will need a photograph of you with your charms and pixie pockets collection plus a Xerox or scanned copy of the pages in your workbook that list the charms you are "cashing in" for rewards.

You must take special care for your workbook, in case we need to see it at some point. If there is ever a question about the charms you're submitting, we will ask that you send us your workbook for verification. Once inspected and compared to our records here, it will be mailed back to you.

You can play Fairy Magic by yourself, but it's much more fun if you join a clan. You must have at least six members to earn a clan name plus a Fairy Queen (one of the members' mothers or relatives). See the Fairy Clans page for everything you need to know about fairy clans.








Players also earn Fairy Status at each level, which includes your personal fairy name, your secret fairy name, your personal talisman, your fairy clan, your birthright, Fairy Fortunes, Pixie Pearls, and hundreds of other fairy treasures.

You can play for free and/or buy some of our trinkets along the way. We show you how to make everything you need, but we also provide links to places where you can purchase your supplies (in case you prefer house-made to homemade).



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